Graph analysis

Caseboard software makes it easy to analyze the information by providing a graphing tool that allows analysts to view the same information and can analyze pieces of a graph and generate other sub-graphs of the same set of data.

Graph analysis adds a differentiated view of diagrams, being able to analyze specific tendencies or behaviors, for example.

Like the other features of the Caseboard, the graphics are created and configured by the analyst himself, which means that he can apply all of his analytical expertise to the charts and get the best results without the need of being technology expert.

While creating charts, you can apply filters and sort to chart content and include sum of numeric values as a y-axis grouping. When dealing with time data, charts can be created from groupings of hours, days, days of the week, months, bi-months, quarters, semesters, years, among others. Analyzed data are integrated with all the other functions of the software allowing, for example, the data of a graph to be highlighted in a diagram.

Charts can be created from multiple data sources, including: