Link analysis

Link Analysis has features that allow the user to see the “drawn” data, providing a clearer view of relationships between objects. With these visual aids it is possible to see further and verify the meaning of the data, as well as allowing analysts to test hypothesis and theories, models of mind maps. Link analysis tools allow you to expand your cognitive ability and lead to a clear view of all data.

Also called network analysis, it is possible to determine relations between entities of apparently different activities. In the analysis of networks, supposedly disparate entities are automatically related, generating an overview and more comprehensive of the activity under examination. This kind of tool allow to verify situations initially not detected as groups of people who maintain contact with other groups of people and / or organizations that interact with other criminal organizations, what before was obscure and impossible to detect.

Network analysis to visualize how one data relate to one another. Classic data types are phone calls, current account movements, and messaging. It can evidence involvement between the objects of analysis and infer order and construct theories with obtained data, to later analyze and test theories and feed analysis.