Information Analysis Software

Consisting of several fully integrated tools, Caseboard is a specialist software for investigation, auditing and fraud prevention.It uses link and network analysis, georeferencing, time and frequency analysis, facial recognition, convergence analysis, graph and event analysis in a single access panel. Easy to install and configure, software does not require separate modules and accessories for its operation.

Data Integration

Caseboard Data Proxy implements an investigative layer, a virtual bridge between relational databases, making them available for analysis on a single dashboard without the need to access multiple separate systems, avoiding wasted time.


What you can do


Investigate irregularities, identify actions, track individuals, entities, organizations, and triangulations. Share and cross-link information, test hypothesis, and find hidden relationships at multiple levels.


Find patterns, discover trends, behaviors and connections, analyze occurrences from various perspectives, by frequency and chronology of events.


View relevant information directly in the databases, access maps, spreadsheets, images, open sources, videos, texts, social networks, generating charts and diagrams.


Solve critical cases, make decisions, deliver consistent results on a regular and continuous basis. Solve complex cases, streamline processes, report quickly.